• This is the most pure wine of the Movia range. Medium amber in color with a fruity aftertaste. Producing wines like this is very uncommon. No filtering and zero additives. This does mean there is a lot of sediment so you will have to poor this carefully. Thankfully Movia selected a bigger bottle for this wine to compensate for the loss of a full glass with sediment. 

    Aleš Kristančič shows us some instrction here ( in his own colorful way )
    How to decant a Movia lunar

    How it is made: Movia Lunar , the making of

  • Vinyard Organic / Bio Dynamic
    50% Chardonnay 50% Rebula (29 year old vines)
    In wooden barrels with additives
    Food pairing

Category: 2013

Type: Slovenia

Vendor: Movia


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